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Frequently Asked Questions

A partnership between the young person, parent/caregiver, school and Police in which a twelve month contract is signed.

Everyone commits to support the young person in reducing their drug/alcohol use to retain their position at School and

acheive their education qualifications.


The Young person actively participates and signs up on to the Police/Rubicon contract after alcohol or drug incidents are highlighted at school. All (parties) sign at the first meeting.


Student may Self Refer (to on go contract)


Parent/Caregiver may request student to sign up on to contract.

A minimal fee for drug testing is paid by the parent or caregiver.


You can still access our services at 13 Rust Ave, Whangarei


Rubicon has staff who will test you at your school or at our premises.


Yes you need your parents or caregiver's permission if you are 16 years or younger.


Upon completion of the Rubicon Program there is no criminal record kept by police youth aid. You will receive a certificate of completion from Rubicon.

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