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Rona Linde

Registered Counselling Psychologist (NZPB)

I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa and have been fortunate to live and work in Germany, Ireland and New Zealand. I trained in the 90s and completed my internship in 1996 with a focus on CBT, object relations theory and brief solutions focused approaches.

I spent 6 years in Auckland working with youth and adults in Community Mental Health, Behaviour Support and the Ministry of Education’s Wraparound Service.

In 2018 I decided to make the move to the “winterless north” and am passionate about providing young people with a dynamic and safe service which identifies their challenges and strengths and promotes the resilience and coping of whānau.

My work is heavily influenced by the guiding principle of FAMILY VOICE & CHOICE where supports are decided and driven by the young person and their whānau.

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