• Youth Activity Program

Supporting you with the Youth Activity Program

One of the best ways to get drug and alcohol free is to get active. Our Youth Activity Program (YAP) gives you access to a range of activities in a safe, inclusive group setting.

It’s easy to fall back into old, bad habits when you’re bored, so we show you how to develop healthier, more positive habits through activity.

How does it work?

You will join a small group of young people with similar interests and you’ll be part of a small group throughout your time with us. Each group works with 2 mentors who will collect you from school or home in our van.

With the guidance of your mentors, you’ll discuss your interests and strengths, setting goals for what you want to achieve.

YAP meets twice a week and runs for approximately 5 hours each evening, giving you a great opportunity to experience a variety of activities you wouldn’t normally have a chance to do.

What type of activities does YAP cover?

There’s always something different on offer and we tailor activities to suit the goals and interests of each group. Some of the activities we cover are:

  • Walks up Mt Manaia
  • Boxing
  • Fishing
  • Basketball
  • Cooking
  • Bush skills
  • Screen-printing
  • Dancing
  • Arts and crafts

 Develop new passions and interests to help you stay drug and alcohol free with our Youth Activity Program. Give us a call today to see how we can help set you up with a better future.

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