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 Rubicon Youth  –
Substance abuse program that sees the bigger picture

Started in 2000, Rubicon Youth is a youth substance abuse program where professionals work alongside youth to help them overcome their struggles with addiction.

Accessible through high schools, GP’s, other health and educational professionals in Whangarei, Kaipara and Far North.

We approach the drug and alcohol problems from a holistic health perspective in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Rubicon Youth was formed as means of mentoring and counselling young people to help minimise harm reduction and to encourage them to see how education can unlock a positive future.

We help address the stigma around drug and alcohol support

We’re dedicated to supporting young people and to let them know it’s ok to take the first step and ask for help.

Our team are approachable, supportive, and non-judgemental, and have created a welcoming environment where young people can work towards moving away from substance abuse at their own pace.

Aims and objectives

We work alongside youth so they can:

  • Develop emotional well-being and lifestyle balance
  • Remain in school
  • Be drug and alcohol free
  • Develop healthy recreational pursuits
  • Develop life skills that support them into their future
  • Be actively involved in their community
  • Develop positive relationships with self, family/whanau, friends, and others.

Our core values


You can trust us

Youth Empowerment

We give you tools to make informed choices


Helping youth see that education can unlock a positive future

Health & Wellbeing

Encouraging and role modelling a healthy lifestyle

Fostering Potential

 Working with youth to help them realise their strengths

Social Inclusion

Providing positive social experiences that promote belonging

The process/how it works

Youth substance abuse program - Whangarei - Rubicon Youth

Health-focussed approach to alcohol and other drug abuse

Our approach is to look at each young person in a holistic way, paying attention to their general health and factors in their environment to identify health issues or trauma experience which may be contributing to their substance abuse.

Mobile service

Our counsellors can meet with young people at their school, home or at our office – whatever our clients feel most comfortable with.

Working with  Blue Light

The team at Rubicon Youth work in conjunction with police at Blue Light who organise a range of activities that help foster a strong sense of belonging and self-worth.

Success Stories

One of the best things about our job is when clients come back to see us and share their stories. We’ve seen young people go from strength to strength, moving forward from their time with us and demonstrating the life skills and confidence they gained here at Rubicon.

Are you looking for a youth substance abuse program that helps young people take charge of their own futures?  Get in touch to see how we can help.

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